Welcome to Foothills & RiverWest Dental

Video Transcription

Welcome to Foothills and RiverWest Dental where we have a fun and talented staff and doctors. Where you will always feel welcome and part of our family and where you have many options to choose from for your dental needs. We have four amazing and talented doctors. Doctor Murdock, doctor Bell, doctor Reed, and doctor Tyson. And as you will see from these videos, they absolutely love what they do and they love working with patients just like you. Our staff is amazing! They’re friendly and fun and they always make you feel welcomed and loved.

Our buildings have been designed and decorated so you feel like you’re at home when you’re at the dentist office. And that’s how we want you to feel, like you’re at home with us. At Foothills and RiverWest Dental we pride ourselves in giving the patients lots of options. Some options we have are two convenient locations. One on the east side of Idaho Falls and one on the west side of Idaho Falls. We also have very flexible hours. We have early mornings, late evenings, and some scheduled Saturdays. We also are available for emergency services 24 hours a day. Another great options is that we have four doctors to choose from. So you can always choose which doctor fits your needs the best. We hope you choose Foothills and RiverWest Dental and we’re so excited to see you.

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