Polished Teeth Whitening

It’s out with the old and in with the new. We are changing up our teeth whitening services to ensure you get the best results. Say hello to Polished Teeth Whitening.

Polished Teeth Whitening in Rigby

Polished Teeth Whitening


Polished Teeth Whitening is a local teeth whitening company located in Rigby, Idaho. They have been established since 2017 and are hoping to expand locations coming soon. They provide cosmetic teeth whitening services, using all natural solutions to keep your teeth healthy and safe!


Polished will put you through four rounds of whitening in just one appointment, allowing your teeth to become as white as naturally possible. This is an accelerated process that can get your teeth anywhere from four to eight shades white in a two hour appointment. For those who have more sensitive teeth, they will go through a desensitizing treatment as well as a remineralizing treatment to help strengthen and protect your teeth throughout the process. These patients will also be sent home with desensitizing gel to ensure that no discomfort occurs after the appointment.


Now that you know a little more about the changes we are making, let’s talk about teeth whitening in general. Why do it? Teeth whitening has many benefits, but the number one benefit would be a boost in your overall confidence. People smile bigger and brighter with stain free teeth. Who wouldn’t want to show off a glowing smile? Professional teeth whitening is also beneficial to your oral health. Stain removal helps strengthen your teeth, and improve gum health.

But why get your teeth professionally whitened when you could just do it at home? When you get your teeth done by a professional you are guaranteed to receive a stronger and more through whitening. Results will be more even and precise, reaching all the teeth in your mouth, not those just exposed when you smile. Treatments are customizable to each individual when done by a professional. This means that your experience can be customized to the amount of white your teeth need, rather than receiving a one size fits all approach with your strips purchased at your local general store.

We are making this change for OUR patients, because we believe that this is a more effective and positive experience. Teeth whitening is something for your whole family. Once children have reached the age of fourteen it is safe for them to receive treatments. Polished offers the best environment for your teeth whitening experience, whether it’s just you, your significant other, or your whole family, Polished can accommodate them perfectly. For more questions or information give us a call at either of our locations or visit Polished Teeth Whitening online.

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