How much sugar is in soda?

Video Transcription I just want to do a little demonstration on the effects of soda pop on the dandle structures. I have a couple of different things here. This is the notorious mug, which is about 52oz here. We have a quart bottle of Pepsi and of course the beloved Mt. Dew, which a lot of […]

Why Sealants?

Video Transcription A sealant is a material that we place in the pits and fissures of the tooth. It helps to prevent cavities, places a barrier so that the bacteria can’t get into the grooves to cause a cavity. The hygienists and the Dr.’s recommend the sealants because we recommend prevention of cavities. We like […]

What You Need to Know About Fluoride

Checkout the cleaning and preventative care services that Foothills Dental offers. Video Transcription Fluoride is important for everyone. It helps protects your teeth against decay. It helps with sensitivity. Everybody needs fluoride. Regular fluoride treatments when you go to the dentist is crucial. The ADA recommends everyone have a fluoride treatment every three months, but […]

All You Need to Know About Clear Correct (Invisible Braces)

Check out Clear Correct Invisiline Braces! Video Transcription There is this recent advancement in technology that has come out that works great if you want your teeth a little bit straighter. You may have heard of it before. Other people call it invisilign. This one is called ClearCorrect and we offer it here at the office. It’s […]

Teeth Whitening That Works

Find out more about teeth whitening from Foothills Dental. Video Transcription Bleaching is a way that we change the shade of our teeth and when we do bleaching we make custom trays for the patient. A tray that fits your teeth. It doesn’t change the shape of your teeth. It doesn’t change any habits or […]

Welcome to Foothills & RiverWest Dental

Video Transcription Welcome to Foothills and RiverWest Dental where we have a fun and talented staff and doctors. Where you will always feel welcome and part of our family and where you have many options to choose from for your dental needs. We have four amazing and talented doctors. Doctor Murdock, doctor Bell, doctor Reed, […]

Dental Implants – A Miracle In Action

The ability to restore something to its’ original function, shape and appearance once it has been lost, is a miracle by definition. Imagine the loss of a hand, foot, or an eye and then trying to restore these to their original functional parameters. Science has come a long way but the results are still lacking. […]

Momma Likes One-Visit Crowns!

Moms want things done right the first time.  Moms want things done quickly and perfectly.  Moms love to move down their To-DO List, check items off and not have to go back and do them again.In the past, children who needed crowns on adult teeth were treated in stages.  A stainless steel crown was placed […]