Justin BellMoms want things done right the first time.  Moms want things done quickly and perfectly.  Moms love to move down their To-DO List, check items off and not have to go back and do them again.In the past, children who needed crowns on adult teeth were treated in stages.  A stainless steel crown was placed on a permanent tooth until the child was done growing.   As an adult, the crown could be replaced with a permanent crown.  As a dentist, I’ve replaced many of these “ugly silver crowns I got when I was a kid”.

Newer technology allows dentists to do this right the first time.  Instead of placing an “ugly silver crown” and waiting until growth is done, dentists can place permanent white porcelain crowns on kids in more situations.   One-Visit CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design/Computer Aided Milling) crowns can have a different design than traditional crowns.  The edge of a traditional crown is placed slightly below the gum line – which can change location as a child grows and start to show the unsightly edge of a traditional crown.  However, the edge of a One-Visit crown can be placed mid-tooth, still with excellent results and longevity.  The porcelain white One-Visit crowns continue to match as the tooth erupts, the gum line changes and the child grows.

Traditional crowns take a minimum of two appointments.  The tooth is anesthetized, prepared for the crown, an impression taken and a temporary crown is placed during the first visit.  The permanent traditional crown is placed at a second visit after it is made in a laboratory.  During the second visit, the temporary crown is removed, temporary cement is cleaned off of the prepared tooth and the permanent crown is placed.  Sometimes it is also necessary to get numb for the second appointment.

A CAD/CAM crown can be made and placed during just one visit; the reason why so many dentists call them One-Visit crowns.  The tooth is prepared, an image is taken; the crown is designed and placed – usually in about an hour.

For your child or yourself, the convenience of modern dentistry can make your visit to the dentist quicker, safer and easier.

Ask your Dentist about One-Visit crowns.  Check one more item off your To-Do list and maybe that trip to Disneyland will actually happen this year.

Dr. Justin D. Bell is a General Dentist in Idaho Falls, Idaho.  He has placed hundreds of One-Visit crowns over several years.  He has received advanced training from Cerec, the leader in CAD/CAM dentistry.  He and his staff have been personally trained by the top dentists in CAD/CAM dentistry – Dr. August de Oliveira, Dr. Tarun Agarwal and Dr Sameer Puri.

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