I got 4 crowns and 1 veneer done by Dr. Jankowski and they turned out amazing! I previously had 4 root canals done from getting hit with a softball. I wanted caps to fix any discoloration from the tooth decay as well as I ground my adult teeth as a kid. Dr. Jankowski was able to get me my ideal smile and I couldn't be happier! Their prices were amazing as well. I will be forever grateful to RiverWest for their amazing staff, service, and hospitality.


Kiarie Ballard



Have you ever looked in the mirror and just wish you had the kind of show stopping smile that you see in Hollywood? Thanks to the Doctors’ hard work in keeping up to date with modern dentistry and innovative developments, we can provide you with that perfect Whole Health smile without having to pay a million dollars.

Cosmetic Dentistry won’t just give you healthy teeth and a new smile, it will change your life forever. A beautiful smile can affect your confidence, self-esteem and will give you a more youthful appearance. Thanks to advances in modern materials and technology a million-dollar smile is now possible for you.

Veneer Smiles