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Video Transcription

Bleaching is a way that we change the shade of our teeth and when we do bleaching we make custom trays for the patient. A tray that fits your teeth.

It doesn’t change the shape of your teeth. It doesn’t change any habits or anything. The only thing it does it change the color of a tooth. The nice thing about coming to a dentist for teeth whitening, is that we’re able to tailor that process to the individual patient and maybe change things up as they need to be changed. Something that you can’t achieve by buying something from a store to whiten your teeth or toothpaste.

Several bleaching products are sold at stores. The difference between products that are sold in the store and the bleach that you can get from your dentist is the strength of the bleach. The chemical composition is the same, but the bleach that you get from the dentist is a higher concentration than the bleach you get at the store. Which means you’re able to get results faster.

Teeth whitening can actual make your smile whiter and brighter. It allows people to smile more often because they’re more happy with the way that their teeth look.

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