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Video Transcription

Fluoride is important for everyone. It helps protects your teeth against decay. It helps with sensitivity. Everybody needs fluoride. Regular fluoride treatments when you go to the dentist is crucial. The ADA recommends everyone have a fluoride treatment every three months, but obviously people aren’t coming to the dentist every three months, so definitely getting a fluoride treatment every 6 months when you come to get your regular checkups for our adult patients, teenage patients, children patients… everybody in between. Everybody needs fluoride treatments.

We also recommend fluoride treatments for patients with crown work. If you have crown work, bacteria is always fighting to get in your crown. So if your going to get decay, it’s going to get right in around the base of the crown. So fluoride is great to help prevent decay in that area.

Most of my patients come in with sensitivity in around their gums, where their gums have receded away from the tooth and that’s something you can’t get back. Fluoride helps block the two wheels from the inside of the tooth to the outside of the tooth and so getting regular fluoride treatments for sensitivity is a great thing also.

Most people in the Idaho Falls area don’t realize that there is not fluoride in our water. So it’s important when you go to the dentist to get regular fluoride treatments. And the fluoride that you’re getting at the dentist is a prescription strength so you can’t get that from your toothpaste. Here at Foothills and RiverWest Dental we can prescribe fluoride supplements for younger patients. It helps while the teeth are developing and for the older patients when the teeth are already developed we have a prescription fluoride that is in a foam . It’s just a 6% sodium fluoride that sits in a tray and it only has to sit in their mouth for about a minute and they want to make sure to not eat or drink for a half hour after words.

So it’s pretty simple. We have orange, grape, strawberry, bubble gum, banana split, or mint. And the kids come in and love all the flavors of the fluoride, especially the bubble gum. My favorite is the strawberry.

We always want to make sure that we’re offering our patients anything we can to help prevent decay and fluoride is great at that. So we always recommend fluoride to all of our patients. Obviously we don’t want to have patients coming in with cavities and needing crown work and all that. So fluoride is a great preventative.

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