Video Transcription

A sealant is a material that we place in the pits and fissures of the tooth. It helps to prevent cavities, places a barrier so that the bacteria can’t get into the grooves to cause a cavity. The hygienists and the Dr.’s recommend the sealants because we recommend prevention of cavities. We like to prevent them rather than treat them. Any teeth with grooves need sealants, whether they be in the front or the back, mostly the back teeth the most grooves or bigger grooves. So we usually recommend that, but usually any teeth that have grooves are the best candidates for sealants.

So this prop shows a blown up molar with lots of the pits and grooves in here. And this is a normal tooth that has never had anything done on it before. And this is the tooth that we placed the sealant on and it has the white material in there. It’s flowed into the grooves and it helps create a barrier from the decay causing bacteria from getting into the grooves.

If people don’t get sealants they can get cavities in most teeth. If the sealant is applied to teeth, it fits properly and is maintained properly, it’s 100% effective in preventing cavities.

We are really good at applying sealants. We apply them everyday. We’ve applied 100’s of sealants in our careers.

We recommend sealants for all ages. As people get older their risk factors for cavities can change. Risk factors include drinking a lot more pop, energy drinks, sugar intake, how often their brushing and flossing, and different things like that. So we are always looking to help prevent decay in any way that we can.

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